The first greenstreet garden is set to open in North Haven

A greenstreet gardening centre in North London has been granted a licence to open.

The first garden will open in The Grove on March 11, 2018.

The greenstreet centre in The Grove, which has been opened by Greenstreet to allow gardeners to grow their own food.

The site is a 10-acre plot of land near the corner of The Grove and Bury Street, near the junction of West and South Circular roads.

The gardens are being set up by Green Street, which is owned by the local authority, Green Street Gardens.

The Greenstreet centre will offer a range of healthy foods, organic vegetables, herbs, flowers, plants and flowerspots to cater for any number of special occasions.

Gardening for BeginnersThe first greenStreet garden, which was launched on March 6, 2018, was launched to encourage gardening for beginners.

Its aim is to provide a space where gardeners can find a space to grow vegetables, produce a wide range of herbs, and to grow a wide variety of plants.

The garden will also house a variety of tools for the gardeners, including an electric saw and an automatic garden pruner.

The centre will also host workshops on the importance of food, gardening and home care.

It will also have a dedicated café area, a free kitchen, and a range in-house catering for guests and staff.

Greenstreet Garden in TheGrove, North London is part of the Greenstreet scheme, which aims to bring together all the different parts of the greenstreet ecosystem.

The scheme will also be expanding in other areas of North London, with the hope of providing an alternative to the large supermarket stores and the car parking lots which have become synonymous with the green street in the borough.

The scheme was created in the wake of the Notting Hill Carnival, which saw hundreds of thousands of people gather on the streets in London for the carnival.

Green Street Gardens has now attracted around 200 gardeners from all over the UK.

Its founder and executive director, Simon Tilton, told Football Itia that the Green Street garden was designed to be a “safe haven” for the community, as well as a place for them to grow and share ideas.

He said:”We have a very positive relationship with the community and we’ve always encouraged and supported them.

The community here has supported us, which means that when we’re in the market, people come and say, ‘Can I come and have a look at the greenhouses?’

We have also got a strong and healthy community here, and we feel we can work with them to make the garden a positive place for everyone.”

Greenstreet Gardens’ first greenhouse will be open to the public on March 10.