When India takes on China, will China lose its pride?

The US has long maintained that India is a strategic competitor and that the US will remain India’s main economic ally, while China will seek to counter India’s growing influence.

However, China has shown that it is willing to make concessions to the US and even the US-India relationship will not be a top priority for the Chinese.

On Saturday, China also launched a massive military exercise in the South China Sea.

China’s military will conduct drills in the disputed Spratly Islands and in the Paracel Islands and will send warships to conduct sea trials, the People’s Liberation Army’s military said in a statement.

The exercise, which began on Saturday, will last until June 27.

The Chinese Navy is also expected to launch a similar exercise in waters between the Spratlys and the Paragels in the next two weeks.

India and China are competing for the same region and India sees the Sprats as a key foothold for its security.

China is a major player in the global maritime trade, which includes shipping, oil and gas.

It also holds the majority of the Indian Ocean territory claimed by both countries, which is why Beijing is keen to prevent a rival from gaining control of the sea lanes that link the Pacific to the Indian ocean.

The US and China share similar security interests, including in the Indian subcontinent, and they have engaged in a number of military exercises in the region.

China also has an estimated 3,000 troops stationed in the Sprato Islands, including two naval units, and more than 1,000 Chinese personnel in India.

China is also eyeing the Parafolls and its strategic interests in the strategic waters of the Para Islands, which lie between India and Indonesia.

US President Donald Trump is due to visit the Paravansary Islands in the North East next week.