Ashton Gardens to turn ‘vibrant’ garden into ‘a living museum’

Houston Botanical Gardens is moving into a new space to preserve its collection of plants and trees, but the facility is also undergoing a renovation.

Ashton Gardens will move into the former Art Center building in the historic Houston Gardens neighborhood.

It will house a new plant exhibit, a greenhouse and a new indoor garden.

It also will have a new garden center and outdoor seating areas.

Ashtons new plant collection, which was designed to celebrate the end of the exhibition season, will be located in the former art center building, according to a news release.

The Art Center will remain open for guests to visit during the renovation.

The new space will be accessible to guests by public transit and can be reached by the Katy Freeway, the Harris County Toll Road, or the Katy Riverwalk.

It can be accessed by public transportation at Katy and Interstate 10, and by public ferry at the Katy City Pier, the release said.

Houston Botanical Garden is in the process of renovating its collection, the announcement said.