A botanical garden on the brink of closure due to COVID-19

The city of Fort Collins is trying to close the Boulder Botanical Garden and the Chatfield Botanic Gardens in response to the coronavirus outbreak.

The city says it has not yet received any of the roughly $40 million it had requested for the projects, which include a water plant, a greenhouse and a flower shop.

It says it will have to seek approval from the Colorado Department of Parks and Recreation.

Officials with the City of Fort Colorado said in a statement they have asked the state Parks and Rec Department to help with the closing.

“The City has no obligation to make any changes to its zoning or the city’s existing facilities,” the statement said.

The gardens and water plants were designed by the famed Colorado landscape architect Robert Faull.

Faull’s designs, which are among the most ornate in the world, include more than 2,000 plants that are not native to Colorado.

The gardens, which have been open for nearly 100 years, also feature plants native to the state of Colorado.