Why California Botanical Gardens should not be renamed after a ‘beautiful’ woman

The Botanical Garden of Westbury Gardens is now called “The Westbury Botanical,” a tribute to the woman who died of ovarian cancer in 2014.

The original name was the Westbury Memorial Hospital in Westbury, Calif., and the building, built in 1929, was named after the wife of a Westbury resident who died in childbirth.

The building was renovated in 2015 to accommodate the growing number of people coming to the hospital for surgeries and medical procedures.

Westbury said Monday that it was considering a new name.

In the past, the hospital was referred to by its traditional name, the Westwood Memorial Hospital, which was built in 1912 and was named in her honor.

Westwood Medical Center, also in Westwood, is now known as Westwood General Hospital.