How to grow your own garden

Gardeners com is now looking to expand its operations.

In a statement the company said it was extending its range of greenhouses and greenhouse equipment, as well as its growing range of seeds and accessories, which include new fertiliser.

The announcement comes after the company secured a £30 million investment from UK seed company, The Organic Seed Company (TSOC).

The company has recently launched a new range of garden tools, which includes a new tool for growing flowers, new gardening seeds and the garden centre, as part of a new partnership with local authority Llanelli, which aims to improve quality of life for local residents.

Gardeners com chief executive, John McIlroy, said: “We have been working closely with TSOC, which is a global leader in sustainable agriculture, since its inception, and we are delighted to be partnering with them for a new garden and growing range that will benefit residents of Longfield.”

The new range will provide more than 100 new products for gardening, as we continue to expand our range and products in the future.

“Mr McIlory added: “Our range will also include the garden centres we’ve launched, with our new technology that allows gardeners to grow their own vegetables in a central location.

“The company also plans to roll out its online gardening catalogue over the coming months.

Mr McGlone said the new range would help increase the value of gardening tools in the long term, as it will help people make the most of their garden.”

We’ve always had a passion for growing and selling garden equipment, and the new product range is a natural extension of our garden catalogue,” he said.”

It’s a great way to help people save money and improve their garden, and also to offer the gardeners community an alternative to expensive garden equipment.

“Gardener com also recently announced plans to expand into the retail sector, after it secured a deal with the Llanelles Farmers’ Market to sell its products there.