The Green Spring Gardens apartments: What’s next for the neighborhood?


— The Green Springs Apartments are a gem in a neighborhood that’s in desperate need of something new.

Owner and longtime resident of the complex, Chris Smith, has a dream to build a new community of 1,000 people.

The two-story structure, located on the northwest corner of South Street and Spring Avenue, is part of the Green Springs Historic District, a revitalization project in the city’s historic southwest corner.

The structure is currently undergoing major renovations, which includes installing a roof deck, new lighting and a water feature.

The Green Springs apartments, at 1615 Spring Avenue in Green Springs, are located on a lot that formerly housed a home that was once home to the United States Postal Service, but it has since been sold.

The property is now being used as a community-owned, co-op building, according to the Green Spring Apartments.

The project is the latest in a string of projects Smith has completed in the Green and Silver Springs neighborhoods.

The apartments include a second story that is being designed as a new walk-up apartment building.

The project will include a restaurant and cafe space, and a parking garage, according a press release from the Greenhouse Properties.

Smith is currently working on an ambitious project in Atlanta’s Atlanta Beltline, which has been hailed as one of the best neighborhoods in the country for millennials.

In January, the city announced plans to redevelop the Beltline into the city of Green Springs.

The city has also invested $100 million in the BeltLine, which will help revitalize the area.

A similar project is underway in Atlanta for the Atlanta BeltLine Park, which is currently under construction.