Trump orders a botanical garden in New York

President Donald Trump has ordered the creation of a botanic garden in the Bronx as he continues his efforts to revitalize America’s urban parks.

The White House announced the botanical collection Thursday in a press release.

“We have to make it a priority to have a botany garden in our parks, but also in our neighborhoods and in our country,” Trump said in the press release, referring to the “urban parks” that comprise the country’s urban forests and the “cities” that surround them.

“There is a tremendous amount of space in the United States of America and it is an incredible opportunity to be able to be part of the solution,” Trump added.

“And it’s an opportunity that the city of New York has been waiting to take for a long time.”

The city plans to spend $300 million over the next 10 years to establish botanical collections throughout the city.

The president’s announcement comes at a time when he has faced criticism from conservationists for his efforts on environmental issues, which include his plans to reduce carbon emissions from power plants and his support of environmental and economic justice.

“I want to thank the president for his support for our city and for our environment,” said John P. Mascaro, a Bronx Parks Commissioner who was among the first elected officials in the borough to endorse Trump’s election.

“The president is a leader in protecting our environment and the Bronx is the first borough in the country to be recognized as a leader on environmental matters.

I hope that this will be a strong and long-lasting commitment for our borough,” Mascario said.

Trump’s botanical creations will include “a garden of nature,” a “green city” and a “blue garden.”

Trump has said the city’s Botanical Gardens are “part of the plan” to create a “bioenergy” system that can generate electricity from the earth to power the city and make it more energy efficient.

The new plant will be “an example of a bioenergy plant that is environmentally friendly and sustainable,” according to the announcement.

The Botanical Garden will be located in the area known as the “Golden Triangle” and is part of a planned “Blue Gardens” project that would create more than 200 new green spaces, according to a press statement from the White House.

The city of Bronx announced the plan to create the botanic gardens in a statement, which was shared with The American Daily News.

“This is a long-overdue recognition of the value and importance of the Botanical Parks,” said Bronx Mayor Ruben Diaz, who is a member of Trump’s Council of Economic Advisers.

“For decades, our Bronx has been recognized for its unique botanical and environmental assets.

Today, the Botanic Gardens is a vital part of our city’s green economy.

The Bronx Botanical Conservancy has worked with the president, his administration, and the Department of Environmental Protection and the New York City Parks Department to bring about the creation and development of a beautiful new Botanical Park on the site of the former Bronx Botanic Garden, which is now part of an energy efficiency program in the city,” the statement said.

The plan to establish the Botanical Gardens in the Blue Garden was also announced during a recent trip by Trump to the Bronx, which included a meeting with Bronx Borough President Ruben D. Diaz, Bronx Mayor Luis Alejandro Garcia Padilla, and New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman.

“Mr. Trump and his administration are committed to the protection of the Bronx’s biodiversity, including the biodiversity of the Blue Gardens, and our city is proud to be a partner in the efforts to restore its botanical treasures,” Diaz said.