The golden garden has been a place for children since it opened in 1935, but the latest round of renovation is to give it a new lease of life

The Golden Gardens Park is being converted into a kids’ garden and is being rebranded as Ellandri Gardens.

Key points:The park is being reopened as a kids gardenThe Ellandrian Gardens are now open to the publicThe Ellands are being renamed as Ellands Gardens and Ellandrians GardensThe park was open to visitors in 1935The Ellanders were closed in the 1970s due to pollutionThe park’s original name was Ellandria Gardens and the Ellandris are now known as Ellanders GardensThe Ellander Gardens were closed following the industrialisation of Ellandrie, in 1901.

“They are very busy and busy and they have an incredible garden and they’ve got a very beautiful landscape and they do very well for children and their interests,” Ellandree-based Ellandrinas owner Emma Ellandrien told ABC Radio Adelaide.

“I think it’s just a very happy coincidence that we had such a beautiful garden as well as the park.”

The children love to play there and it’s very exciting and they’re very active.

“And so the whole Ellandrium has got a lot of children playing in it.”

Ellandrian gardensThe Ellanderes, named after the hill where the park is located, are a family-run business which have grown in size and popularity since opening their doors in 1935.

They were closed after a lack of visitors and the park was closed in 1971 due to heavy pollution.

The Ellandias had hoped to open the park with a new logo, but had to wait until 2015 to do so.

The design of the new logo is now in place and the new Ellandridas gardens are now fully open.

“It’s all about giving the community a new feel,” Ms Ellandrio said.

“We’re opening it up for everybody and it just makes for an amazing day.”

The Ellandreas opened in the spring of 2017.

“There was a lot more traffic than we’d hoped,” Ms Selandrio added.

“A lot of kids were going up the hill and they didn’t really understand what the signs were.”

But we’ve had a lot people come through and they enjoy it.

“There are now a number of other Ellandres, which have sprung up across the state, including the Ellandreans Gardens, which has been running since October 2017.