How to find out how much you’re saving on your garden’s water bill

Gardeners are increasingly paying more attention to water bills.

As the city’s water supply system grows more expensive, homeowners are paying more for water, according to the city of Wilmington.

The city began tracking water bills last year and found that homeowners pay a total of $5.9 billion in water bills this year alone.

The average homeowner in Wilmington pays $2,500 per year.

But it doesn’t stop there.

According to the Delaware Water Works Department, homeowners pay an average of $1,726 per year for water services, which is more than double the average homeownership rate of $800.

The utility says its rate data shows that homeowners are also paying more per acre, which has increased by $5,200 since 2014.

In some neighborhoods, the average water bill has increased in value by as much as 60% compared to last year.

In Wilmington, which includes North Haven and Wilmington, there’s a lot of water use in some areas.

But in Wilmington, the city says it will not increase water charges.