‘A wonderful piece of art’ by architect and garden designer Ross Downton

RTE article The work is titled ‘A Wonderful Piece of Art’ by Ross Denton, and is a collaboration between Ross Duppert, a former RTE architecture critic and the architect, and his wife, Rachel, a landscape architect.

The book is titled “Sunken Gardens” because Downtons wife and the author are both buried at the site.

The exhibition opened at the National Botanic Garden in Dublin earlier this month and will run until March 25.

Downton and Rachel Dupperton said they were inspired to create the book after visiting a sunken garden at the Botanic Gardens.

“We wanted to show the natural history of a place, the fact that we were all buried there,” Rachel Downtont said.

She said the idea for the book came about while they were visiting the site in January 2017.

The work, which takes place in an old shipyard, includes a series of interlocking gardens.

It features trees, shrubs, a hedge and a rock wall.

Reeve Martin, head of the National Garden and Aquatic Life Museum, said it was a “great opportunity for people to learn more about the history and ecology of Ireland”.

“It’s an amazing piece of work that’s got a fantastic history behind it,” he said.

“It has a very different look and feel to the usual museum exhibitions that we do.”

Its really interesting that the architect Ross Duntons wife is buried in a garden in the country, so it really reflects the natural environment that we have in Ireland.

“The museum will host the exhibition for the first time on March 25 and will hold lectures and talks on the work and its relationship with the Natural History Museum.

A special edition of the book, called “The Natural History of Ireland”, will be available for purchase on May 9.

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