Celebrate the opening of Herrman Gardens in Birmingham


— For the second year in a row, Herrmans Birmingham Botanical Gardens will host a “Celebrate the Opening of Herrs” garden celebration. 

The gardens will open its doors to the public on Friday, July 11, 2017, at 8:00 a.m. from 5:00 p.m., according to Herrmans website. 

“We are honored to be able to share with our community the beauty and grandeur of Hermans Birmingham,” Julie Hermans, director of marketing, said in a release. 

Hermmans is a nonprofit organization that aims to preserve and promote the city’s flora and fauna through gardens, exhibitions, and educational programs. 

A full list of the garden’s events can be found on the Hermans website: Hermines Garden Openings & Events, Herrmings Botanical Garden, and Herrs Greenhouse, hermans gardens.com The first of Hermmans’ garden opens in 2017. 

At the time, the city of Birmingham hosted the first Herrmann Garden in 1957 and it is also the only city to host a botanical garden in Birmingham. 

As of 2018, the garden is one of the citys most popular events, with over 1,300 people taking part in events each year. 

To learn more about the garden, visit hermmans.com. 

In 2017, Hermans opened its first greenhouse in the city, and in 2018 it opened a second greenhouse in Birmingham that also has more than 30 plants. 

Herrmans Birmingham Gardens is located at 527 South Woodstock Street in Birmingham, Alabama. Image via Herrems website