When we die, we want to stay at home, says Brighton Gardens founder

Brighton Gardens will soon be opening a new branch in Brighton’s Old Parkway Gardens, in what will be the first garden in the city to be opened under a £250m public-private partnership.

A new park, called Brighton Gardens, will be located in the former Victorian home of the Brighton and Hove Museum, and will feature a range of gardens and wildlife habitats.

It is being run by Brighton Gardens’ director of gardens, Dr Michael Coyle, who said: ‘This will be a very special project.

‘The aim is to create a garden in a location that is close to the museum, and it will also be a place where people can go to experience nature, to see other people, to play and enjoy.’

The new park will be situated in the old Victorian home, which will become the museum’s new home, after it was demolished last year to make way for the new development.

Dr Coyle said the new park would offer an opportunity to introduce visitors to the natural world, and to bring people together.

He said: ”The gardens are a natural landscape in which people can relax, share food and drinks, and watch the birds.

”The gardens will also have a wonderful atmosphere of natural beauty, and the visitors can see wildlife in the surrounding area.

There are also plans to create new species and plant species, and create a range at the garden, including a tree and a grassland, with the hope that visitors will see this as a place to learn more about nature and its processes.”

The project is being supported by the Natural Environment Research Council (NERC) and the Natural History Museum.

The parks and gardens project is part of Brighton Gardens Partnership (BGP), which was launched in 2015, and is funded by the National Lottery Fund.

Its aim is for the project to generate over £350,000 in new funds for Brighton Gardens.

Dr Collymore said: ”We want the park to be an experience of nature, of walking around and exploring.

We are also planning to create gardens, which we hope will attract people to Brighton Gardens and encourage them to return to the area.”