Botanical gardens light will be available for the first time in 2017

Gardena, California-based garden supplier Gardena has confirmed that its garden lighting will be on sale this year.

The first outdoor LED garden lights to be available in 2017 will be made by Gardena in its factory in the San Diego area.

It is the company’s second foray into the lighting industry after the company was awarded a patent for the same product in 2017.

“We are excited to bring the first indoor lighting to our customers this year, but it will be our first indoor LED garden light,” Gardena President and CEO David Treslin said in a statement.

“We have developed a process that allows us to produce the best indoor lighting in the world.

It’s the culmination of a years-long effort to make our lighting the best in the industry.”

Treslin added that the first garden lighting is now available for pre-order and that “Gardena will be shipping it to customers in early 2018.”

The company is planning to introduce a second indoor garden lighting product, a 10-hour LED garden lighting system, in the coming months.

Gardenas new outdoor LED lighting system will be offered in an LED version that uses LED bulbs that produce heat.

This type of lighting also provides more consistent brightness, Treslins said.

Gardener’s new indoor LED lighting is said to offer better visibility and better light transmission compared to LED garden lamps, which require a large area to light.

This is important for a variety of applications, including for gardens that require low-light lighting, Teslin said.