WATCH: The Denver Botanical Gardens will be the first in the country to have a cannabis cultivation facility

The Denvers Botanical Garden in Greeley, Colorado, is scheduled to open its doors to the public in early 2018.

The facility, located on a 200-acre parcel in the city of Greeley owned by the Denver Botanical Society, will be a first for Colorado and the United States.

In addition to the cannabis plant, the gardens is also the first botanical garden in the world to have indoor cultivation, according to the Denver Post.

Greeley’s indoor cultivation facility will be used to grow cannabis, but not to cultivate any other plant.

“The marijuana plant is in its infancy, but the greenhouse is ready for production,” Denver Botanic Society President David R. Jones said.

“The botanical society is committed to making cannabis cultivation in Greely a viable business opportunity.”

The greenhouse will produce up to 1,200 pounds of cannabis per year, according the Colorado Department of Revenue.

It will also provide the cannabis industry with the ability to produce high-quality cannabis that is not available in the U.S. for medical or recreational use.

“We have an abundance of supply in Colorado, but we also have a shortage,” said John P. Gartland, CEO of Colorado Cannabis Company, the state’s leading cannabis cultivation company.

“Our greenhouse can meet the demand of the cannabis marketplace.”

Colorado is the second state in the United State to legalize recreational cannabis use, following Oregon.GREELEY’S VARIOUS GARDENS:The Greeley Botanical gardens have been open to the general public since the late 1980s.

They have been a popular attraction for families and visitors alike.