How to get a free house in Chennai

Chennai: You can get a house in your name without having to pay rent or mortgage.

The same applies to your children too.

You just need to get the house deed or get permission from the land registry.

This is not just a myth, but a reality.

For decades, people have been claiming that if they get a deed for a house, it’s a freebie.

“We have been getting lots of questions about this,” said Jairam Shah, the chief minister of Tamil Nadu.

“I am here to say it is a myth.”

But if you do have to pay a rent, you can do it without a deed.

For instance, let’s say you own a farm.

The government requires a farm licence.

But you do not have to register it, so you can simply walk into the office and apply for the farm licence on your land.

Or you could even do it online, through a website called the Chennai Land Registry.

So, you do get a licence without having had to pay any rent.

And if you own an existing farm and do not want to register the property, you simply have to do a “survey”.

“You can go to any farm in Chennai and have your land survey done,” said P. V. Raghuvanshi, the executive director of Chennai’s Land Registry Association.

“You will get the land survey fee and it will be deducted from your income tax and tax payable on your other income.”

This is how the government works, said V.S. Thangaraj, a senior official in the Department of Land, Infrastructure and Transport.

But what about you?

Are you getting a free licence?

It depends on the land, said Mr. Ramesh Kumar, the president of the Chennai land registry association.

“In the case of farms, the land is owned by the state, and the state government can get land for free,” he said.

But the land may have been acquired by the government, which is then responsible for keeping it in good condition.

“The state may also have purchased the land from the previous owner or it may have purchased it by way of a mortgage,” said Mr Ramesho.

This means the state is taking over a property that is not owned by it, but is leased to it.

“That is how we know that the land has been acquired,” Mr. Kumar said.

“This is also the reason why we say that you can get free land without having a deed.”

But is this true?

What is the truth about the land?

According to Mr. Thongaraj and other experts, it depends on what is in the lease.

“If the land was purchased from a person, then it has to be kept in good working order,” Mr Thangeraj said.

If it was purchased by the State Bank, then the lease must be in good order.

If the land had been acquired from a previous owner, then there must be a valid deed.

If not, then an agreement needs to be reached between the State and the land’s previous owner to resolve the issue.

The lease should be signed by the land owner and the bank.

The land registry also checks on the validity of all the documents.

It checks the land owners’ deeds.

“It looks for anything wrong with the deed,” said R. Ramakrishnan, the director of the Land Registry office in Chennai.

“There are many things that need to be checked.

It looks at the date of acquisition and also the date it was acquired.

And it checks all the transactions with the land.”

So, what if you have bought a house for your daughter or son, or a small farm for yourself?

Are they entitled to get land?

Mr. Ramasrishnan said it depends.

“They are not entitled to have any land for themselves.

You can only apply for a deed if you get permission to do so from the State Land Registry,” he explained.”

But the deed is not binding.

You can only apply for a deed if you get permission to do so from the State Land Registry,” he explained.

Mr. Ramasinghe also said that the property owner must give his permission before buying a house.

“He should give the land to his daughter or his son.

And then the land must be registered with the Land Registration Department.

If a deed is given to the land registrar, the owner can only sell it,” he added.

“And if you are going to buy a house and have a land deed, then you must also get a permission from a registrar.

And a certificate must be obtained from the Land Register.

The registration certificate must also be signed and dated by the registrar.”

The State Land Register says that the number of registered acres in the state stands at more than 5.4 lakh, with over 3.7 lakh in the Tamil Nadu Rural Development Corporation and the remaining 1.8 lakh in other government departments.

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