Why the City of Charleston Gardens Are an Icon in Colonial Gardens

FourFourThree One of the most memorable gardens in the South was Charleston Gardens, located on the grounds of the Colonial Hotel.

The historic gardens, which were constructed in 1847 by the Charleston Association for the Promotion of Culture, have served as a venue for cultural events and have been featured in many TV shows and films.

However, one of the gardens has a particularly special place in our hearts.

Today, the gardens are open to the public to enjoy a day of fun and learning, as well as for private events. 

The gardens are the site of one of Charleston’s most well-known historic events, the Charleston Botanical Garden, which celebrates the first year of the city’s existence.

The gardens, located at 790 North Main Street, were the first and only gardens of its kind in the United States. 

As the site for the first American botanical garden, the garden’s gardens were originally set aside to honor a local farmer named John G. Jackson, who owned and operated the Charleston Agricultural Exchange, a prominent agricultural business in the city.

After Jackson died in 1836, the agricultural exchange moved to the new hotel, where it still stands today. 

During the early 1900s, the old building was converted into a hotel and became known as Charleston’s first-ever city garden.

In 1925, the city decided to create a new garden that was intended to represent a new era in Charleston.

It was a very different environment than what had been used before, with a much more open atmosphere. 

It was an ambitious project and a monumental task, but it did come about. 

On January 30, 1931, the first day of planting season, the Garden opened to the general public for the very first time.

Over the years, the Gardens has evolved and evolved, and today, it is one of my favorite places in Charleston, as the city has continued to grow and evolve with it. 

There is so much to see and do in Charleston Gardens that you never know where you are going to find it, and that is the beauty of Charleston. 

Here is a brief history of the Charleston Gardens. 

Charleston Gardens was the first private garden built in Charleston for a private purpose.

This was the result of a city commission formed by the city to honor the agricultural community that had operated the exchange in Charleston since 1832.

The Commission’s purpose was to create and preserve the city as a center for agricultural industry, a place for the community to enjoy the bounty of its gardens, and a place to share the fruits of their labor with the world. 

In 1930, the newly opened gardens were renovated and became a public park. 

At the time, the community wanted to use the garden for educational purposes and a private use.

The Parks Department of Charleston decided to use their resources to create the gardens.

The city had not developed a large-scale garden since 1828, when they had built only the small grounds of a few small farms and one large one. 

When the first public gardens were opened, the parks department wanted to add more to the existing gardens to create something special.

They chose the city of Charleston to host the gardens, as it was a well-respected agricultural community and was considered to be the capital of the South. 

For the next few years, they built the Gardens in a variety of different locations around Charleston, including the new City Hall, the City Hall Gardens, the Municipal Park, and the Charleston Civic Center. 

After the city began using the Gardens for its community garden programs, the National Park Service purchased the gardens from the city and opened the gardens for public use.

In 1939, the Parks Department opened the City Garden to the media and public, which was the beginning of the public opening of the Gardens to the world as a public garden. 

Today, the oldest and most spectacular gardens in Charleston are located at the South Carolina Botanical Gardens.

They have been an integral part of the historic landscape of Charleston for over 100 years. 

This is the perfect place for a stroll and a walk to enjoy some of the history of Charleston, or just enjoy the Gardens with a friend. 

You can also explore the Gardens through our interactive tour, which allows you to learn about the history, history of each of the buildings, the history and culture of Charleston as well, and how the Gardens have been used for public purposes. 

Explore Charleston Gardens and discover the history behind one of our city’s most beloved and unique places. 

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