How to choose a great garden in Brighton and Hove

In Brighton and the Hove, there are plenty of great places to visit. 

It’s not only beautiful gardens that you can see here. 

The city’s parks and green spaces are also full of beautiful landscapes.

Here are 10 things to know about Brighton Gardens in Brighton.1.

The Gardens are open to the public, and the main attraction is the Blue Bird The Blue Bird is a colourful bird that you might be familiar with.

It was born in Brighton in 1903, and is the only surviving member of a long line of the same species.

The Bird was named for its blue plumage. 

Brighton Gardens has a number of bird species and it is home to many of them, such as the Black-and-white Warbler, the Blue-throated Warbler and the White-throat Warbler. 

There are a number bird species that are also found in the surrounding countryside, such the Common Sparrow, Common Flycatcher, Common Blackbird and the Greater White-necked Warbler among others. 


You can see the Bluebird in the city’s Botanical GardensThe gardens at Brighton and The Hove have an array of gardens that can be seen from your garden terrace.

The gardens are open every day of the year, and are open 365 days a year. 

In fact, the gardens are the largest garden in the UK, and also the largest in the world, so the BlueBird is often seen there. 

They’re free to enter and are a great way to get a look at nature and get a taste of the countryside. 


 Brightons garden is also a world-class wildlife sanctuaryThe garden at Brighton is also home to the Great British Birds Sanctuary, which is home of a number wildlife species including the Blue and the Green-crowned Warblers, the Common Tern, the Red-neck Warbler , the Blue Warbler and the White Warbler (and they’re not all white). 

The Sanctuary has over 3,500 species of birds and bats, and they’re home to thousands of animals including turtles, reptiles, insects, reptiles and frogs. 


Venice Beach is a favourite for swimming Venices beach is a great place to relax and catch a swim in.

There are a lot of beaches in Brighton, but they tend to be in the north of the city, which makes for a beautiful experience when you’re in the mood for a swim. 

Here are some of the best beaches in the area.5. 

If you’re visiting Brighton and/or Hove in summer, you can enjoy Brighton’s beautiful summer You’ll find the sunsets of Brighton in June and the cool temperatures of the summer months in September. 


Take a stroll in Brighton’s parks There’s lots to do in Brighton – and Brighton is a popular place for a stroll. 

From nature walks, to art walks, nature and craft festivals, you’re bound to find something to do.

Brighton is home the South East Coast National Park and the National Park of Brighton. 


Have a picnic in BrightonThe Brighton Garden is one of Brighton’s most popular picnic areas.

It is a wonderful place to sit on the lawn or in the gardens, and relax. 

A number of the garden’s gardens offer picnic areas and a large number of people flock here to enjoy the scenery. 


Head to Brighton for a film or a day out You could also take a day trip to Brighton to see the city and its surroundings. 


Get a tour of Brighton Gardens Brightens gardens are a wonderful and unique place to explore.

You could be looking at a spectacular bluebird, a magnificent butterfly or a colourful hedgehog.

Brighton Gardens are a lovely place to visit and they offer a variety of activities and sights to explore, as well as great scenery.10. 

Join the Brighton Gardens FestivalThe Brighton Gardens have a number events that you could also do to celebrate the gardens. 

Some of the most popular activities include the Great Bird Festival, which takes place on the first Saturday of each month. 

Also, the Brighton Botanical Garden is always full of activities for all ages, so you might want to take a walk along the gardens at some point during the year.