NJ man says ‘it would have been nice’ to walk his dog at the Garden of Eden

The Garden of Eternity is getting another name.

The owner of a Jersey Gardens mall is considering the change, according to the Jersey Gazette.

Jermaine Myer says he wants to name the mall after his favorite pet, his pet Labrador retriever, because the name sounds like the Garden.

He told the Jersey Journal the mall was named after the Garden in England.

“It would have made a lot more sense if we named the place after a real pet,” Myer told the newspaper.

Meyer said he wanted the Garden to have the name it has in the United Kingdom, because his pet was born there and lives there.

“There’s no need to change it to a dog, because they’re both the same,” Myers told the paper.

The Garden of eternity was built on a rocky cliff in the Garden State in the 1800s, when the Garden was a natural wonderland.

Myer bought the property and it was renamed the Garden and its garden has stood for nearly 40 years.

A spokesman for the Garden said Myer’s suggestion was a good one.

“The Garden is the world’s most beloved natural wonder,” a spokesman for Garden Properties told the Gazette.

“The Garden name honors and honors all who have given so much of themselves for this magnificent place.”