When the sun goes down, the best gardeners can do is sit on the beach

The world’s most popular outdoor garden in Britain is a little out of the way, but the world’s best gardener could still be at home at the Bell Gardens in Bedfordshire.

The site is situated on the edge of a sandy stretch of beach in the English countryside, and the owners, John and Kate Bell, are determined to make their garden a place that anyone can visit. 

“It’s a little bit of a strange place, but it’s not as much as you might expect,” said Kate.

“We love it.

The water’s lovely, the sand’s lovely. 

It’s just the best of both worlds.

We love nature and the sand is our favourite.”

What is Bell Gardens?

John and Kate Bell veteran gardeners have enjoyed the Bells for many years.

They travelled to France, Belgium and Switzerland to work at their gardens and have now returned to the UK.

“The Bells are the perfect place to be,” said John.

The Bell Gardens are a little out of the way, but it’s not as much as you might  expect. 

The Bell gardens are located on the edge of a sand dune in the English countryside, near Kent and the Cheshire countryside.

John and Kate have loved the site for years. 

They have had to travel to France, Belgium, Switzerland, France, and France, to visit the Bells, and they have always liked the garden. 

John said: “The first time we saw the Bell gardens was on a very wet and windy day.

It was just the perfect spot to walk around, just to see the beautiful sunsets. 

When we were there it was really sunny.

We loved it.”

 In fact, the couple were planning to spend Christmas with their family in a cabin at the Bell Gardens when they visited France.

The family went out on the water and enjoyed a day at the pond with their friends.

Then, they went to bed and dreamed about going to the Belling Gardens and relaxing. 

And when the Belles woke up, they were ready to go. 

After a few days in the boulevard of the park, Kate was wowed by the beauty of the gardens. She said “The gardens are amazing.

I love the sunsets and it’s really peaceful.

I just love the water. 

I just love being outside.”

The owners have spent the last few years working on the garden, bringing in animals and planting new plants to make it more beautiful. 

Their plant life is in a wonderful form of nature. 

Kate said: “We are still growing a lot of new plants and we are planting a few of our own. 

We’re also working on a laboratory to test our plants and the water to see if it works better. 

There’s a whole new world of plants and plants are coming out of the ground.”

John said: “We are definitely growing plants to try and find out if we can grow more and if we can find the perfect plant. 

Some of the plants have grown out of their roots and we are going to be planting them again. 

In terms of planting new plants we will try and plant our own planted plans. 

If we find something that works we will try and do something new. 

Once we have found something that works I will be looking to do a big plant planting for my family.”

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