‘I’m going to get out and grow’ – Kevin Hart

Kevin Hart has had plenty of time to reflect on his life after winning his fourth title.

The Australian superstar and Australian of the Year was in Melbourne for the first time in a decade last month to kick off his annual tour of the country.

Hart’s tour began in Australia but the Australian of The Year took to the road for a week in New Zealand in order to hone his skills and build his brand in the country, as well as to visit Australia.

Ahead of his tour, the Melbourne star revealed that he was going to start his garden with his own personal supply of plants.

“I’ve got a little collection of them in the garden,” Hart said.

“I’m gonna grow them in my garden.”

Hart will be joining a group of celebrity gardeners who will be touring Australia starting in July to promote the growing of his signature plants.

The list includes stars like Tom Hiddleston, Amy Schumer, Tom Hanks, and Emma Stone, who have all been featured on the show.

“When I’m touring I want to see people grow things,” Hart explained.

“For me it’s a lot of fun.”

It’s fun to grow things and I’m looking forward to it.

“The Australian ofThe Year will be joined by his new wife, Jennifer, who has also been on the tour.

Jennifer and Hart are set to hold a wedding ceremony at their home on November 11.