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Water is the main ingredient in the fertiliser used to fertilise the lettuce.

The same process that uses water to make fertilizer also turns the lettuce green.

It’s a common misconception that if you leave the lettuce wilted or wilted poorly it will be impossible to fertilize it, says Mark McLean, a gardener and certified organic farmer in New York City.

But this is not the case, he says.

“It’s a complex process, where the plants have to take in water and that water needs to be replaced by something else, and the soil has to be changed,” he says, adding that the process requires water from an aquifer and water from the ocean.

“When it rains, the plants need to absorb it.”

McLean says his lettuce can be fertilised from a distance by using an artificial source of water.

“You can get water from a creek, a lake, an aqueduct, a spring, you name it,” he explains.

“And you can use the same process in the lettuce that is already there.

You just need to add a bit more water.”

If you want to try it yourself, you can buy water for about $0.40 per kilogram for 10 litres.

McLean also sells garden-supplied water for $0,9 per liter, which will cost about $50.

He also sells a garden water filter, which can be used to filter out pollutants such as sewage.

“I use this water because it has no taste, and it’s clean and has a high chlorine content,” McLean explains.

However, he also says you should avoid using it in the same area where you plan to grow the lettuce, because it can harm plants.

“Water can damage them and it can make them sick and cause them to die.

It also damages their roots,” he adds.

So you need to use a source of clean water to grow your own lettuce.

“If you don’t, you will end up with something that will never grow,” McLeod says.

If you’re interested in growing lettuce, you might consider the following tips: If possible, grow it from seed to avoid using the soil to grow it.

“Soil that has already been grown on can cause problems in the future,” Mclean says.

If you have a garden that you plan on growing, McLean recommends using a soil that is not as wet as it is dry.

“You can’t just grow lettuce, it needs to grow in the right environment,” he notes.

Don’t use fertilisers like a pesticide to get the plant to grow.

Use water from your own water supply.

“We use tap water for fertiliser,” he warns.

Find a well that you can fill the water from.

McLean also recommends using plastic containers that are easy to fill, and don’t use containers made of rubber or plastic that have been in use for more than a year.

The only other thing you need is a light source.

As a general rule, McLeod recommends a fluorescent light, which gives the lettuce a bright green colour and makes it easier to spot when the leaves are wilted.

Follow this advice if you plan a greenhouse and use a greenhouse to grow lettuce.

Have someone else grow your lettuce, like your neighbour.

It’s also possible to use garden soil instead of water, Mclean adds.

And if you’re growing lettuce from seed, McLeans recommends using an organic soil that has been grown from a compost or a composted vegetable garden that uses a compost.

There’s also a free online video that explains how to grow and harvest lettuce.

You can also watch a short clip of McLean explaining the process.