How to sell your garden for more than you paid for it

In 2016, the largest gardeners supply chain in the US, Gardeners Supply, said it would buy out its competitor, the Greenhouse Gardeners, for $300 million.

That was more than triple its original asking price.

In 2018, Garden-a-Garden, the market leader, reported a $30 million loss, according to a regulatory filing.

This year, the two companies announced a $400 million merger.

The deal is supposed to generate $1 billion in annual sales for the companies.

But in the last three months of 2017, the companies reported an additional $9.3 million loss.

“It’s a significant blow for us and it’s a loss for our shareholders,” Greenhouse president, Jim Stoll, told Recode.

“We had been on a trajectory of growth and a lot of that was through the direct channel.”