Why do people love their garden beds?

When the family decided to move into the new house in 2019, they started to think about the new landscape.

The landscape had changed from the green grass and trees that grew in the gardens of the former residence, to the stone structures that stood on the hillside overlooking the property.

And while the garden beds in the old house had been used for decades, there was a new trend of people living in their gardens.

The garden beds were still used by locals, but for many, they were now used by people in the city.

“A lot of people have moved in and out of the old property, and we thought it was a good time to bring a garden back into the neighbourhood,” said Katherine Smith, who was living in the neighbourhood when the family moved into the property in 2020.

“So we decided to do it.”

The couple decided to buy the land from the owner and started to grow food on the site.

The growing season was shorter this year, but Katherine and her husband, Michael, have already seen a lot of interest from people interested in growing food.

“We’re pretty pleased that people have been interested in our garden,” Katherine said.

The couple also noticed the amount of interest the garden had been receiving.

“It’s quite overwhelming, and people are really interested,” Katherine explained.

Katherine and Michael decided to make the garden a public garden so people could see it for themselves.

The family’s new home, which will be home to the family for at least two years, has been named for the first lady, but there is also a new name on the house, the Caroline Gardens, which includes the garden bed.

“The Caroline Gardens are the new Caroline Gardens,” Katherine joked.

The new home has been built on a hilltop in the backyard of the couple’s former home.

The area is called The Green Hill, and the hilltop itself has been converted into a garden.

“When we moved in we thought that we would never be able to grow enough vegetables to feed our family, so the garden was an important part of our daily life,” Katherine continued.

“People were taking photos of it, and it was quite popular.

It was really great that people had come by and seen the house.”

The Caroline Gardens has grown to about 30 acres, with a variety of vegetables and flowers growing in the ground.

The first flower was made in 2019 by a gardener from the community garden, and Katherine said the couple was now looking forward to the rest of the year to continue growing the garden.

The Caroline Garden also features a treehouse on the side of the house.

Katherine said that in the next few years, the house will also have a garden table and a barber shop, with plans to add more restaurants and cafes in the future.

“I think the future is bright, because there’s a lot more gardens to come,” Katherine concluded.

The house will include a small garden at the back, which Katherine described as being “pretty small, but I like that it’s out of your way”.