Greenstreet Garden Launches New ‘Urban Garden’ for NYC

By Kevin CramerThe Greenstreet gardens on Fifth Avenue will soon be home to something new: a hybrid-pink, purple-and-orange greenhouse.

The building will be part of a growing trend for urban gardens.

In New York, there’s the Greenstreet Gardens at 42nd Street, which opened in 2015 and has now grown to become one of the most popular greenhouses in the city, attracting some of the city’s most sought-after chefs and restaurants.

But there are a few more to come, including a larger space at the Empire State Building.

While the new space will be dedicated to gardening, the garden itself will also serve as a model for urban greenhouses.

“We wanted to do something that really felt like a greenhouse,” said Rob Stiles, the managing partner of the Greenhouses at Greenstreet, in a phone interview.

“It will be very simple to get started with, very simple, and it will be a perfect space for kids to play in.

You can go in and pick out plants, get a garden, and have kids pick up their own stuff.”

The new Greenstreet garden will house two indoor-outdoor spaces, one with a green roof and a second with a canopy.

It will be open to the public beginning next month.

The first outdoor space is expected to open in March, while the second will be available in late spring or early summer.

Stiles says the garden will have a large amount of space to grow plants and vegetables, but will be designed for kids, too.

“There will be kids and adults, and they will have their own space,” he said.

“That’s going to be the focus of the building.

That will be the only way you can get to that space.”

Stiles and his partner are not the only ones trying to create a green garden in New York.

The Garden at Green Street has already been a fixture in the City Center in the Bronx for two years, but it’s not the first space that has popped up in the area.

In fact, the building’s previous owner, the Art Institute of New York in the East Village, did a similar project in the early 2000s, but the structure was abandoned after the building was torn down in 2009.

Stalls is not the kind of person who would normally be in the business of building a greenhouses, but he is a keen gardener.

When he first opened his first greenhouse in 2002, he started out with the idea of growing the greens he grew at his own house.

“I had no idea what I was doing,” he told the New York Times in 2014.

“The idea just kind of took off.”

Stalls has also been in the market for greenhouses for a while.

He originally envisioned building a greenhouse at the site of a former warehouse, but after many delays, he was finally able to move forward with the project last year.

The project is scheduled to open for public use in 2019.

The new space also will be equipped with a kitchenette, which is a type of refrigerator.

“You can have your food in the fridge and then you can have it sitting on the countertop,” said Stiles.

“So you have a little space for storage and you have the ability to keep that food cold.”

Stills is excited to see more greenhouses pop up in New Jersey.

“New Jersey is a great place for urban farming,” he added.

“Greenhouses are in the works in New Orleans and Camden, and Greenstreet has been building some greenhouses there.”

Stames says the Greenhouse at Green street will be an important part of the New Jersey landscape.

“These are the cities that are working on these kinds of projects.

We want to make it part of New Jersey,” he explained.